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Pray for young people just like you in Cambodia:

When you pray for young people in Cambodia, remember that they’ve grown up in a world of hurt. Their moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents suffered huge injusticesat the hands of their government during the Pol Pot regime (1975-1979) in what is known as the Khmer Rouge. Nobody escaped tragedy—over 2 million people died. Most everybody alive today lost someone. Pray now for the healing that knowing Jesus brings to the human heart, as well as to families and communities rebuilding this generation.


Sharing Jesus in my Jerusalem

You were created to know God. That’s an amazing thought, isn’t it? But like any other relationship in your life, it doesn’t just happen. Even after you ask Jesus to be your Savior, you’ve got to spend time and effort to deepen your relationship.

The Bible is clear that we’ve got to pay attention to the life that God has planted in our hearts. This growth comes about from spiritual habits that we build into our life. Like worshipping God with other people, reading God’s love letter to us (the Bible), talking to God both on our knees and on our feet as we live life.

  • What really makes us grow stronger is sharing our story about our relationship with God.

  • If someone asked you why you believe in Jesus, what would you say?

  • How would you describe your decision to follow Jesus?

  • What difference has knowing Jesus made in your life?

Your story, told in your own words, in your own way, is called your testimony.

Even if you’re thinking, “What if my story isn’t that dramatic?” Don’t worry—everyone’s story is amazing when God is the hero. Put the focus on Him and you’ll be playing your part in the Great Commission.

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