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Daily Life

The pace of life in Indonesia is slower. People use the term jam karet which means 'time that stretches like rubber'. This concept reflects the way Indonesians prefer to take things as they come, rather than plan every moment of their day. This means that things like parties or business appointments are not planned and attended punctually like they are in the US. Sounds a bit like Hakuna matata to me!!

Family is very important in Indonesia and it is common for extended families – grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins – to live together in one place. Children learn from an early age how to help around the home. In rural areas they may work on farms when they are not at school. In the cities they may try to find a job as well. Indonesians are expected to respect the experience of their elders and follow their advice. They are also expected to look care for their elderly parents.


Quick Phaxx ::

  • Sepak Takraw is one of the most popular sports in Indonesia – it seems like a wild game of volleyball that is played with feet instead of hands!

  • Badminton and soccer (football) are also very popular sports here.

  • Indonesians perfected the art of shadow puppet theater, called wayang kulit.

  • Indonesians love spicy foods; hot chilis are very common in their dishes.

  • Indonesia is so close to the equator that the climate is pretty much the same all year – hot, humid, hot humid, hot…In fact, the temperatures only vary about 5 degrees Celsius the entire year!

  • Indonesia has thousands of different plant and animal species. Only Brazil has a greater number of distinct species than Indonesia. (That’s called biodiversity, by the way!) About 86% of the population is Muslim and about 9% is Christian.

  • The main languages of Indonesia are :: Bahasa Indonesian (official), English, Dutch, and Javanese. More than 580 languages and dialects can be heard in Indonesia!

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