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The Great Commission In Action

  1. FEBC was established in Indonesia through a Bible class through the mail.

  2. We now own 7 Christian radio stations and broadcast in 9 languages.

  3. Listeners in Indonesia have started 104 Bible clubs in which they listen to Gospel broadcasts, read God’s Word, and pray together.

Pray for young people just like you in Jakarta:

Ask God to open a way for young people in Jarkarta to hear about God’s great love and for them to understand that Jesus opens the way to know God. Pray that they would find peace with God—and leave their jihad, their “struggle” with God, behind them.

Sharing Jesus in my Jerusalem

An important lesson we can learn about the Great Commission when we study Islam is that people can be very sincere and very serious about what they believe—even when it is not what the Bible teaches. Here’s the truth; God loves all of us even before we know Him. We can show other people God’s amazing love in how we treat them—with kindness and respect.

Love is not optional for us who know Jesus and who know Jesus loves us. We’ve got to pass that love around.

Jesus wants you to love other people the way that He loves them. Can you think of a way you might be able to show Jesus’ love to a new neighbor?

What is a way you can help him/her get used to their new situation?

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