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Meet Asmo

I have three brothers and sisters and every month my parents must pay for rent, food, electricity, transportation, and school fees [there is not public school in Indonesia], books, and other needs. Often times they must delay paying my school fees because they don’t have enough money. But all of us want to continue our studies to achieve our dreams. The scholarship given to me by FEBC donors will help decrease my parents’ burden and I will be so happy to continue my schooling where I can learn more about studies and Jesus! Thank you!

Asmo, 13 years old from Indonesia

Meet Arya

For three months I have listened to your program every night. Your sermons are easy to understand. They have blessed me because they taught me how to know Jesus and how to fix broken relationships. Mom and I were fighting a lot, but now we get along. Thank you for your programs. I hope others who listen to your broadcasts will also be blessed.

(Arya from Indonesia)

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