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Russia is huuuuuuuuuge! It’s THE largest country in the world and covers over 6.5 million square miles (some 17 million sq km), eleven time zones and like TWO continents—Europe AND Asia.Ginormous, I know … right? Right. In fact, until 1991 Russia was the biggest and main republic of the 15 republics that used to be the called the Soviet Union!

Russia, known at one time as ‘Holy Russia' (and no, that is not an old Batman reference) … was known for its rich history of Orthodox Christianity and belief in God. Even in those days, their Christianity was very traditional and full of rituals and not many people actually experienced a personal relationship with Christ.

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This program is super exciting!!! It is an awesome resource in discipling my family about the Great Commission. Thanks for taking on this challenging work!   - D.W.


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