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Now for some History

In the last 100 years, many Russians have totally taken a turn away from belief in God, to what we know as Atheism, which is, by definition, a belief that there is NO God.

According to experts, the type of atheism introduced was a very strong belief in the non-existence of God, with a focus on a happy future in this life only, and in the infallibilityof what became known as the Communist Party and its materialist ideology.

Communism came by way of the Russian Revolution in 1917 … and was brought on by a combination of money trouble, war weariness, and general unhappiness with the autocratic (i.e. tyrannical, i.e. really bad) system of government - so, the revolution first brought a group of liberals and moderate socialists to power … and well, that tanked. And theeennnn … the Communist Bolsheviks took over!

Fast forward 70-ish years post-revolution and you have "the history of Russia" which is essentially the history of the Soviet Union, marked by what we know today as Communism … and is considered by many to be a darker time for Russia.

Lest you think Russia’s recent history is all dark, they fought with the allies in World War II and helped defeat Nazi Germany, losing 27 million people during the course of the war. Then they really got ahead of the whole world with their space exploration program. I mean – who would have thought of sending a couple of cute little dogs up in space (without even a leash!) – and that guy Yuri Gagarin - he was the first human ever to go into space – and he even made it back in one piece! Old Yuri is such a hero in Russia that he’s buried in the famous Red Square.

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