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Christianity... Alive and well in South Korea!

South Koreans enjoy religious freedom which is protected by their constitution. But only about half of the population say they follow any religion.

Unlike many countries in Asia, the largest and fastest growing religious group in South Korea is Christianity. There are huge Christian churches here – in fact one of the largest churches in the world is in the capital city of Seoul; it has over ONE MILLION members!

In spite of this, there are still tens of millions of people who do not know Jesus.

There are millions of Koreans who practice Bhuddism; many also practice Shamanism which is the belief that all objects have spirits (also called animism). They also believe that some people called “shamans” have the power to communicate with these spirits and can gain good fortune for clients, and cure illnesses by exorcising evil spirits, They also hold rituals to guide a person’s spirit to heaven when they die.

So South Korea has a lot of religions – but who is going to tell them about the one true God? Having a church with 1,000,000 members is awesome – but what about the other 30+ millions of people who don’t believe in Jesus? People who may not have even heard of Him? Who is going to tell them that God loves them? Who will tell them that a shaman can’t get them to heaven? How will they hear?

Can you pack up and go to South Korea now? Probably not.

But that’s ok, because you can still help tell the story of Jesus and His love to millions of South Koreans...

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