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The Great Commission in Action:

  1. FEBC-Korea broadcasts in 5 languages for a total of 270 hours EACH DAY!

  2. FEBC-Korea has 11 stations…with the station on Jeju Island broadcasting the Gospel into North Korea.

  3. Beyond the radio, FEBC also offers marriage and family seminars, counseling, medical/dental clinics, concerts, and Children’s Choirs that serve as international ambassadors.

  4. Last year almost half a million people contacted FEBC-Korea through emails, texts, calls and visits to our offices.

Pray for young people just like you in South Korea:

Like kids in the North America, kids in South Korea have a lot of opportunities to learn, study, and decide for themselves what they believe about God. Pray that the truth about God’s existence and the truth of His Word is made clear to them as they look at the stars, study their textbooks, and hear and read what people teach accurately about God. And until they find Jesus, pray for them to always be restless and hungry to discover for themselves what is true.

Sharing Jesus in my Jerusalem

One of the best ways to share the good news about Jesus with a friend is to talk about God in normal life. God said that creation itself tells man about Him. So the next time you’re with a friend on a camping trip or at the beach, or even if you’re looking at the night sky through a telescope, you can point to nature and then point to God.

It could go something like this:

Whoa! Look at those stars! (or look at the Grand Canyon! Or look at that huge tree!) What do you think—did this just happen this way or do you think God created it? How would you answer this?

What do you think nature says about God?

Do you think everybody knows deep down in their heart that God exists?

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