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Phoenix Phaxx
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The adventures of Phoenix Phaxx are proudly brought to you by FEBC in cooperation with Sonlight Curriculum.

Join FEBC and Phoenix Phaxx for an incredible adventure!

Hey friends! 

Join me today by filling out the Sign Up form below which will tell us where to send an amazing Welcome Kit to your family. In this kit, you will get a copy of my Pocket Guide to the Great Commission, a Go Radio bank, and a lot of other fun stuff to use on our travels. (This exciting quest is perfect for homeschoolers, Sunday schools, and small groups!)

Once you have submitted the Sign Up form, you will be starting a great adventure to places such as Russia, Bali, Jakarta, Cambodia, and South Korea. This adventure began as a fact-finding journey but has morphed into a mission - a mission to find out just what it will take to reach kids of differing religious cultures with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join me on the journey, and you will learn the answers to those important questions - "How will they hear?" and "Who will tell them?"

Your friend,

Phoenix Phaxx, Intrepid Traveller

*Welcome Kits will be shipped to U.S. and Canada mailing addresses only. Please allow at least 7-10 business days for your Welcome Kit to be processed.

Note to international adventurers - If your country does not use Zip/Postal Codes, you may enter 00000 in that field. Please use the Questions/Comment box if you encounter any other issues in the sign up process.