Phoenix Phaxx
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Hi, I’m Phoenix Phaxx – and you are probably thinking that’s a pretty strange name, and I guess I would have to agree. But, Phoenix Phaxx I am!! And I am here to share my awesome amazing adventures as an intrepid traveller seeking the facts (Phaxx, get it?!) about some pretty crazy and incredible places.

My name may seem different but really I am just a pretty ordinary kid who likes pizza, French fries, donuts, football, swimming, camping, bugs, snakes, dirt bikes, and root beer. (I’ve recently developed a taste for fried tarantulas and ugly fruit – but more on that later!)

But the truth is my parents always said that I was just born curious. You see, I always want to know what’s around that corner over there or what’s on the other side of that hill, or what’s under that big rock, or what would happen if I did…well, you get the idea! (I can see some of you nodding your heads because you know exactly what I mean!) I’ve always wanted to know stuff!

Now that I’m older, I’ve had a special curiosity about this big ol’ world we live in. Especially when it comes to other countries, the people who live there, their lives, their families, their history, their food, their traditions, their sports, and just everything…I want to know it all!

My curiosity really took off when we were talking about The Great Commission in Sunday School – I mean, here we have the very LAST thing Jesus told us to do, but I had never really paid attention to it. “Go and make disciples of ALL nations…” Really? Well, which nations? Who’s there to listen? What exactly do they need to know? Who’s supposed to tell them? The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to figure this out before my head exploded!! I needed FACTS!!! If Jesus said to do something, it seems like it MUST be important to get it done.

I had so many questions about all these things that my parents finally decided it was time to go check out a few places and get those facts myself. So I got my passport, visas, plane tickets, giant backpack, notebook, bug spray and sunscreen, and my Intrepid-Traveller-Hat, and set off to find some facts to share with you. Don’t worry, my parents didn’t send a 13 yr. old off to travel alone – I had an amazing video crew with me to help document the facts of the journey, and you are going to love the videos.

So off we went. We travelled to Russia, Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia, Cambodia, and South Korea. In each country I got to meet kids just like you and me; I learned about their daily lives, their families, their schools, their food, their music, and most of all I learned about their faith. I got to meet kids who knew Jesus and kids who didn’t, and I got to meet some amazing people who are working every day to follow Jesus’ last instructions to us. (Go FEBC!)

Well, this was an adventure of a lifetime, and I hope you enjoy the “pocket guide” we put together to share the journey with you. I met some awesome people that I can’t wait to introduce you to! Check out the site, watch the videos, download some awesome wallpapers, and sign up to help FEBC make sure that kids like you and me all around the world get to hear about Jesus and learn about His love for us all.

So, fire up your imagination, get your mouse ready, and let’s go explore some of the most amazing countries on the planet! (Intrepid-Traveller-Hat not required!) And when our journey is over, I know you will be able to answer the important questions – “How will they hear?" "Who will tell them?”

Your friend,

Phoenix Phaxx
Intrepid Traveller


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