Phoenix Phaxx
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Quick Phaxx: Your Pocket Guide To Our Destinations of Choice

Russia is the largest country in the world and covers over 6.5 million square miles (some 17 million sq km), eleven time zones and TWO continents—Europe AND Asia.The landscape goes from Arctic tundra to desert.      Read more.

“Lush tropical forests, colorful festivals, beautiful beaches, quaint performing arts and friendly locals, Bali is a fairy tale setting for a fascinating cast of characters!” That's what the travel guides say, and they’re right! Of course, they don't say much about the King Cobras and reticulated pythons! Read more.

Jakarta is located on one of  the17,508 islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Indonesia is also part of what is called the Pacific Ring of Fire – and it has the largest number of active volcanoes in the world.           Read more.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country full of tropical beauty and is also home to the largest religious building in the world! They also have some of the craziest food I've ever eaten! Read more.

 South Korea is an ancient country that has learned how to combine history and modern technology. They may like to eat squid, but they also are the only nation in the world that is totally broadband at 100Mbit/s, WiBro and DMB country wide! Read more.


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