Phoenix Phaxx
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Are you still wondering...

...Why are radios important in fulfilling the Great Commission?

...How can radios be used effectively in spreading the gospel?

...Are radios useful in this age of incredible new technologies and gadgets?

We think the answers to these questions may surprise you - and encourage you as we wind up our incredible adventure with Phoenix Phaxx. So, check out the video below!



Now that you've learned more about the Great Commission and the importance of those two big questions: "Who will tell them?" and "How will they  hear?" - are you ready to count your Go Radio! money and send it in?

Remember, any money given by the November 16th deadline will be matched by our friends at Sonlight Curriculum up to $150,000 - so your gift will be doubled!

To send your Go Radio! money online, click here.

To send your Go Radio! money via post, click here for mailing address information. (Please send checks or money orders only; no cash.)